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Why shave in the shower?

Simple answer is because it is wet! A dry human hair takes about as much force to cut as a copper wire of the same thickness. After a quick three minutes in the shower, the tensile strength of your whiskers is reduced by about seventy percent! The moisture and steam significantly soften your beard and make it much easier to cut, giving you a closer more comfortable shave. 

How is shaving in the shower better than shaving over the sink?

When you get out the shower and dry off, your face quickly looses the advantage of all the moisture from the hot steamy shower. Once your whiskers have started drying, you can be literally tugging on each and every hair on your face instead of neatly slicing it at the skin's surface and moving on without irritating your skin. Also, no more cleaning out the sink after you shave.

Why Listen to your wife, girlfriend, mom?

Women shave in the shower, put on moisturizer and exfoliate thier skin. Ever notice how women look better/younger than men as they get older? Not calling you a girl here, but if you want to look better/younger when you get older you may want to follow suit.
Exfoliate 2-3 times a week. Once you try it and see the results, you will wish you did it sooner. Search for a face cleansing brush.
Use a mild face soap. A dermatoligist recommended this to me. My whole family uses it. Search for Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar.
Use a moisturizer after you shave. Every woman applies moisturizer. Why? Because they understand skin care. Take heed, gentlemen. There are a number of great choices on West Coast Shaving or Grooming Lounge.

Where should I place the Shave Well mirror?

Position the mirror away from the direct shower spray. Try to avoid places with a direct flow of cooler air coming over or around the shower curtain/door.

What is fog and why does it happen?

Fog on a shower mirror is simply condensation. Shower water is much warmer than the air temperature of your home. Your warm shower heats the bathroom air and it becomes saturated. This warm moist air condensates or becomes fog as it collects on all of the cooler surfaces in the bathroom -- like mirrors.

How is the Shave Well mirror truly fog free?

The Shave Well mirror is fog free simply by design...and from basic science.  In the short time you hold the mirror under the shower spray the temperature of the warm moist shower air and the mirror itself will equalize. With the temperature of your shower and the mirror close to the same, there can't/won't be any fog (condensation). It's basic more temerature difference = no more fog!

How do I remove the protective coating?

Loosen the coating at its edge and pull. When removed, the mirror will be crystal clear.

How do I clean my mirror?

To remove water droplets or hard water spots, wet the mirror, apply a dab of toothpaste, wet mirror again, rub toothpaste around...then rinse. Good as new!

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