Why ShaveWell?

How we came up with the Shave Well fog free mirror?

In addition to my personal experiences, to make the best fog free shower shave mirror we wanted to know how a broad sample of men felt about shaving. To do this we engaged the U30 Group, an independent consumer market research firm. This firm surveyed 154 men about their shaving experiences. We targeted men between the ages of 18 and 55 that shaved at least 2 times per week with a razor (electric shavers were excluded). Part of that group already shaved in the shower, so we asked this subset about the fog free shower shave mirrors they have used.

How are The Shave Well Company® fog free shower shaving mirrors better than other shower shave mirrors?

Quite frankly, the answer is in the unique design. As we learned from our survey and personal experience, for the most part shower shave mirrors have three inherent faults:
1. Many supposedly fog free shower shave mirrors claim to be fog free, but after a few uses you find out that by the nature of their design they are not.  In our survey the number one complaint from the guys that had used a shower shave mirror previously was overwhelmingly that most fog free mirrors were not, in fact, fog free.
Fog is caused by condensation. The air in the bathroom is heated by the shower and becomes saturated with moisture. The average shower water temperature is 107.5 degrees and most houses are kept in a temperature range of 70-75 degrees (making the temperature of the permanently mounted shower shave mirror also 70-75 degrees). When this saturated moist hot air comes in contact with the shower shave mirror which is still at normal room temperature roughly 30 degrees less, the moisture comes out of the air and condensates on the shower shave mirror surface.
The Shave Well Company® anti fog shaving mirror is fog free simply by design!  Since the mirror removes easily from the wall mounted hook, just hold it under the shower stream for a few seconds.  In that short time, the temperature of the moist air and the mirror itself will equalize to create a long lasting, truly fog free image for the duration of your shower.  It's basic science.  No more temperature difference - no more fog.  It's just that simple.
2. The suction cups of wall-mounted shaving mirrors eventually fail whereby the mirror crashes to the tub/shower. In our consumer testing failed suction cups was the second most frequent complaint. To fix this, we chose an adhesive hook versus a suction cup. The adhesive hook affixes to any shower surface holding the Shave Well mirror solidly in place. (Please note:  The Shave Well Travel Mirror is sold with a suction cup and the Shave Well Camping mirror is sold with an aluminum ball chain)
3. A permanently mounted mirror becomes water spotted and is difficult to clean. In our consumer testing difficulty in cleaning the mounted mirror was the third most frequent complaint. Since the Shave Well mirror is removable from the wall mounted hook it is very easy to clean for a clear reflection each time you use it. Cleaning your mirror is easy. Here's a hint...toothpaste works the best to remove water spots. Rub it on with your hand and rinse it off for a clear reflection for many showers to come.

What if I drop my Shave Well mirror, will it break?

We have dropped mirrors repeatedly and have yet to break one. One less thing to worry about!